Did you come to our first ever

Night of Nightmares

Let us know how we did

October 22nd-24th  &  29th-31st

8PM - 11pm

Splash Car Wash is Holding its first ever Haunted Car Wash

Join us for a frightening Night of Clowns, Carwashes, Shakes and Shivers


$20  per car for General admission

$10 per car for Fast Pass Members


Custom Night of Nightmares car wash

        Soft Cloth Wash

     Lava Bath

     Spot Free Rinse

     Clear Coat

     Tire Shine


Candy and other goodies

a Hair raising night of nightmares


Vacuums and use of other Splash Car Wash amenities will not  be allowed

There will be no pre prepping of vehicles, overly dirty vehicles will be turned away


This Hunted Car Wash may be too intense for some people. Graphic scenes will be depicted. If you have been diagnosed, suffer from or are susceptible to epileptic seizures, heart conditions, anxiety or if you are pregnant you should not participate in the haunted car wash in any way. 

Please be advised the following special effects will be in use:

- Strobe lighting and other lighting that could be disorienting

- Fog effects

- Intense sounds

- Performer driven startle scares

- Automated startle scares

- Extreme visual effects, graphic Imagery and gory scenes 

All directions given while driving into, out of and while in the car wash should be followed. Splash Car Wash is not responsible for any damages that are incurred to your vehicle while you are participating in this event.

Entering Splash Car Wash property during the times of this Haunted Car Wash is an acknowledgement and acceptance of the warnings and risk outlined above.